Sit down and relax with these chairs and stools from Oliv


Photographs by Jamie Gray

We take a peak inside Oliv on Henry Street, a cafe, a home furnishings store, and also an estate agents! Amongst the hand-made, own sourced items, we selected six seats which are perfect for any room. They feature beautiful woods, metals, and fabrics, and are built to high manufacturing standards.

Brown woven chair – £150

Oliv Chairs-1


Grey footstool – £120

Oliv Chairs-2


Solid Oak handmade stool – £89

Oliv Chairs-3


White tree stool/table (real tree!) – £75.99

Oliv Chairs-4


Wooden chair with metal frame – £105

Oliv Chairs-5


Peacock chair – £150

Oliv Chairs-6 furniture

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