Step into wonderland with Alix Smith


Hologram went along to visit the latest exhibition at the Floor One Gallery at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum. Photographs by Jamie Gray.

Alix Smith
Artist Alix Smith.

The latest exhibition at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum’s Floor One Gallery is a collection of vivid landscapes, floral patterns and underwater worlds. These are all the unique visions of Rugby artist Alix Smith.

We went along to the opening of her exhibition, entitled ‘Alix in Wonderland’, at the Floor One Gallery. Her friends and family were there to launch the show in style. During the time we were there, 4 pictures were sold to eager fans of her work. Not bad for a new artist, who has been creating her work in only the last three years.

Alix uses a mixture of media to create a 3D relief, sealed with epoxy resin. The result is a glossy tableau of Lowry-esque scenes, saturated with deep colours and  endless detail. Alix Smith-7

The pictures are framed by her husband, Jeremy, using reclaimed woods. Each frame is different, and adds an extra dimension to the work it surrounds. Sea-scapes are matched with driftwood frames which help effect a seaside feel. Alix doesn’t stop with framed work, her talent extends to ceramics also. She has a range of tableware for sale which she has co-created with her daughter Kim Thompson.

Alix Smith’s ‘Alix in Wonderland’ is on display at the Floor One Gallery from the 6th until the 18th February. (Closed Sundays)

Alix Smith art


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