Get your fingers dirty with Spanish snacks at Bacco Lounge Rugby


There’s nothing quite like breaking bread with a group of friends and all sharing from the same pot. We went to Bacco Lounge to experience their tasty tapas menu. 

The Bacco Lounge in Regent Street, Rugby, is one of the town’s most popular destinations for dining and drinking. From morning until last orders around midnight, there is hardly an empty table on show. The wide shopfront windows display row after row of seated diners and drinkers to those passing along the street outside. Having been open for nearly two years, the restaurant and bar are now firmly established as the go-to place for meeting friends or starting a night out.

The Bacco Lounge menu is a varied smorgasbord of robust main meals, salads, gourmet burgers, brunches, and tapas. It’s the latter dish we chose to explore, and here is our breakdown of what to expect. Priced at £3.75 each or three for £9.99.


We chose a Virgin Mojito. Sharp, bitter, sweet, and minty. Refeshing.


mojito bacco
Virgin Mojito

Smoked paprika pulled chicken and chorizo with fried potatoes

This sweet and smokey delight is perfect to spoon onto the crusty bread provided.


chorizo chicken
Smoked Paprika Pulled Chicken


Halloumi, courgettes and peppers, pan fried in rose harissa

The halloumi is firm and salty, just how it should be. The courgettes and peppers add a sweetness to the dish, not letting the fiery harissa to overpower.

halloumi bacco
Halloumi tapas


Sweet potato and basil falafels with tzatziki dip

Four falafals which can be easily shared and broken open to reveal a light middle. The dip is cooling and delicious with the falafels. We recommend building a menu around this one dish.

falafels bacco
Bacco Lounge, Regent Street, Rugby.

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