Rugby mum Deita Hubbard creates Youtube channel of advice

How many of us have quickly searched Youtube when a problem within the home arises? Well if your predicament involves childrens clothing, there’s a good chance you will stumble across a video created by a Rugby mum.

deita hubbard
Deita Hubbard

Deita Hubbard has launched her own channel on Youtube, and she’s eager to share her stories and life-fixes for busy mums. Since the birth of her first daughter, Penelope, 2 years ago, she found she became crafty, and very familiar with needles and thread. “When I was pregnant with Penelope I started to crotchet to pass the time. I made her blankets and it went from there”, Deita tells Hologram.

Deita’s latest video involves her sewing a little skirt for Penelope, “I want to make her clothes, learn new skills and generally be a good mum to her. If I can mix this with my love of performing in front of the camera, then, that’s just fantastic”.Deita vlog-2


Deita vlog-3
Penelope and Deita at the sewing machine.

Deita has been an actress since her teenage years, performing on TV and film, as well as the local stage. She’s presented TV shows, and has jetted off to Cannes to promote her various starring roles.

Her Youtube channel has a way to go to top the likes of the more established vloggers, but Deita has plans to expand its appeal. Her next video could involve her applying honey and paprika to her face to see if there’s any beauty benefit from it. This could create a lot of hits if the red face mask doesn’t wash off! Deita also has plans to work with her friend Holly Bailey, a professional rally driver. Their videos will include tips aimed at female drivers, including advice on maintenance .

Deita vlog-4
Penelope and her new home-made skirt

We hope to feature more of Deita on Hologram, so watch this space.

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