Rugby’s Alex Szrok steaks a claim in new venture

Photos by Jamie Gray

Hill & Szrok open a new restaurant & pub after two years of success running a butchers and cookshop. We take a peek inside their latest London venture on the launch night.

The origins of Hill & Szrok started over two years ago after three friends decided more can be done with the business of butchery. Tom Richardson Hill, Alex Szrok and Luca Mathiszig dreamt up the idea of serving cooked food in the evening from a premises which sold meat in the day. Hill & Szrok in Broadway Market, London, became a roaring success, gaining a niche clientele eager for freshly butchered cuts on their plate. They soon started to outgrow their premises, and a pub in East Road, Shoreditch, was the perfect venue to locate the business.

The Broadway butchers and cookshop still flourishes, but if its more comfortable and refined evening dining you’re after, this is the place to go. Alex Szrok heads the kitchen, writing on the chalkboard before service what cuts Tom has prepared in the day, and the price – per weight. The evening menu changes daily, so view their instagram feed for the latest update >

You choose the meat, and then you choose the vegetables, with fresh seasonal fare on offer. We chose ribeye steak and a grilled lemon sole as a main. Alex cooks the meat on a charcoal grill and our steak had the most intense barbeque taste. Brussel-tops flavoured with orange was our choice of side and a few extra fries were ordered to pad it out. Each selection comes on its own seperate dish and my partner and I found ourselves sharing and passing these around. Desert was a fabulous cheesecake which features Alex’s mum’s secret recipe. You’d be hard-pressed to beat the taste even in New York.

Our food was fresh, well seasoned and perfectly cooked. Service was excellent and the ambiance relaxed and jovial. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few more years the trio are set to expand again.


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Alex Szrok
Alex Szrok

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