The latest release from Speak Brother is an anthemic folk-rock masterpiece


We catch up with Speak Brother ahead of the launch of their new EP – Light Runs After Us. The new EP is released on the 26th March.


The Rugby-based trio have been compared to Athlete, Ben Howard and The Swell Season. Their self-titled debut EP earned them airplay across the UK and rapturous reception from industry and fans alike. The band played an extensive 2015 calendar of over 100 gigs at venues and festivals all across the UK, including Wychwood and Greenbelt, and they were invited as featured guests at the final of the national Open Mic UK competition.

Light Runs After Us EP
Light Runs After Us EP
Track List:
01 Slow To Now
02 Lions Roar
03 The Morning Calls Your Name
04 See For Miles

The new EP from Speak Brother will cement their rising popularity in the UK folk-rock genre. Packed with rousing and anthemic tunes full of passionate songwriting and drenched in rich vocal harmony, Light Runs After Us is an EP that will stay with you long after first listening. The EP features acclaimed singles Slow To Now and Lions Roar: The latter a musical celebration of the sporting legacy of Rugby, the band’s hometown. Lions Roar won support from Wasps RUFC, Rugby FM and the Matt Hampson Foundation, and saw the band debut the track live on ITV Calendar News.

speak brother
Speak Brother. Nathan Morris, Matthew Cotterill and James Herring.

Q&A with Speak Brother

The band kindly took a few moments to answer a few questions about music, performing, and motorway service stations.

Hologram: You’re musicians, which means you spend most of your time on the road and in service stations. Back in the 1960’s Watford Gap Services near Rugby used to be frequented by rock stars such as Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones and others. What’s Speak Brother’s favourite service station, and why?

Speak Brother: A great question to which we have a resounding answer.. Gloucester Services on the M5 is awesome. We always try and stop there on our way to the South West.

Hologram: The Speak,Brother videos are some of the most beautiful videos by a modern band. Who makes them, and what was your favourite to shoot?

Speak Brother: Thank you! Our good friend Chris Porter at Life Is Art Films directed and shot them. I think our Favourite has to be our first shoot Dry Bones. Between the weather, actors, boats, locations .. There was something magical about how it all came together.

Hologram: You recorded a fantastic song for the Rugby World Cup 2015 -Lions Roar. What’s the fondest memory from that experience?

Speak Brother: Ah.. I think when we had 3-400 kids all gather at the Benn Hall to sing the song live on the radio was probably the most enjoyable experience. Quite a surreal moment and never imagined anything like that when we first started out. We even use the audio from the kids singing on the final recording!

Hologram: Which band, or individual artist, would you like to perform with? In which venue would you like that dream pairing to share the stage?

Speak Brother: Mmm.. I’d certainly love to meet and sing with Jon Foreman (Switchfoot). He has such a big heart for humanity, and a great perspective on life. In terms of stage.. Would it count if I said in my living room with some close friends?

Hologram: Are you performing at any festivals this year? Which ones?

Speak Brother: We’re still confirming certain festivals, but we’re set to play Creation Fest in Cornwall and Foxton Locks Festival.

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