We visit eight cafes in the town and bring you a small guide to finding the perfect brew

A quintessentially British afternoon awaits in Rugby town, pots and pots of tea are awaiting to be poured. Not sure which one to visit? We show you what to expect in our photographic guide to hot brews in Rugby. All you need to do now is order a cake to go with it.


Summersault, Hight Street, Rugby

Take your tea in the bistro-styled tea room, or outside in the midday sun. Summersault are a vegetarian cafe, with a wonderful buffet of hot foods, and desserts. All food is made on site. Tea: £2.25

Summersault tea.


Toft’s Cornflower Cafe, Toft Farm, Dunchurch

Alongside the Toft shop, where they sell all manor of knitting and crochet items, the Cornflower Cafe offers hot drinks, food and ice cream. Visit or partake in one of Toft’s many workshops or events, and then relax with a hot cup of Tea Pigs tea.

toft alpaca
Toft cafe


Bacco Lounge, Regent Street

Loose leaf teas are on the menu at Bacco, so pour yourself a flavoursome treat. They come in steel single pots, with the tea trapped in an inner sieve. You can also order Earl Grey in loose leaf. A small pot of bagged tea is £1.85. Loose leaf is £2.20.

bacco loungers
Bacco Lounge tea


Treacle’s Kitchen, Sheep Street.

Rugby’s newest cafe (opened in February), Treacle’s has expanded from the small sandwich bar, and opened in a new premises on the same street. Treacle’s use loose leaf tea from Storm Tea, and serve it in a glass teapot. There’s a great selection of cakes and sweets to accompany your tea. A pot for one is £1.65, or £2.90 for a pot for two.

rugby town
Treacle’s Kitchen



Rocco’s Love Coffee, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum. 

For drinking on the go and to takeaway, have your tea (and especially coffee) prepared by an expert. Having relocated in September 2015, Rocco’s have enjoyed serving exquisite coffee and tea to long-time customers and new fans alike. Based in the bright airy atrium of the Rugby library and art gallery building, Rocco’s serve gourmet coffee from James Gourmet Coffee (jamesgourmetcoffee.com) and tea from Teahouse Exclusives. Teahouse Exclusives source fine teas from around the world, utilising great know-how to blend delicate infusions. Tea fans will know this is quite special in terms of quality. A cup to go is £1.70.

rocco's coffee rugby
Rocco’s Love Coffee


Delish Kitchen, Bank Street

A stylish cafe with an even more stylish website (delishkitchen.uk), Delish serve home-cooked food and are passionate about what they put in it. A breakdown of ingredients for allergy sufferer’s is available on the website. They host a movie night on April 5th, showing the classic sci-fi Star Wars. May the force be with brew. Their Tea Pigs tea is £1.85 for a pot for one.

Delish Kitchen.
Delish Kitchen.


Oliv, Henry Street

A cafe, home furnishings and estate agents all under one roof. This innovative town-centre lifestyle cafe serves Revel Bakery buns, as well as fine cheeses. Sit back on one of their comfy chairs (hologramrugby.co.uk/2016/01/30) and relax in the cosy surroundings with a great pot of tea.

Oliv, Henry Street.
Oliv, Henry Street.


Papillon, Churchside Arcade, Little Church Street

Papillon sits within the welcoming Churchside Arcade, a small business hub complete with patisserie, bridal shop, hair salon, events organisers and the fabulous Casa Loco restaurant. A very reasonably priced pot for one is £1.50, and their hot chocolate is to die for.

Papillon cafe


Garden Barn, Cotesbach, near Rugby

Okay so technically this isn’t Rugby, but no guide to tea and the experience of it is complete without a mention of this excellent stop-off. After perusing the antiquities and decorative home-furnishings, take your tea by the real fire, or upstairs in the warm loft.

Garden Barn, Cotesbach
Garden Barn, Cotesbach

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