Rugby town centre hosts another roaring success with The Rugby Bike Fest


Photographs by Jamie Gray


Now in its third year, the Rugby Bike Fest has thrilled thousands of visitors each year. Bigger than ever before, the event this year was spread further around the town, with Caldecott Park, and the area around Mister Robinson’s Barber Shop entertaining the crowds. Bikes roared in from far and wide, and the new mayor of Rugby Sally Bragg lead them into the town on the back of a trike.

There were several music stages dotted around for different ears, from a reggae DJ outside Mister Robinson’s, to new talent being showcased in St Andrews Garden, to the large stage by the Clock Tower with bands such as Morning Star and Go Primitive blasting out harder rock.

For the hungry biker, there was a large selection of foodstalls offering everything from hand-made fudge, to squirrel pies. Yes squirrel pies.

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Rugby Bike Fest 2016-13 hologram Rugby Bike Fest 2016-18 hologram Rugby Bike Fest 2016-29 hologram Rugby Bike Fest 2016-30 hologram Rugby Bike Fest 2016-36 hologram Rugby Bike Fest 2016-41 hologram Rugby Bike Fest 2016-81 hologram

Bike Fest Rugby
Rugby Bike Fest

Rugby Bike Fest 2016-97 hologram Rugby Bike Fest 2016-100 hologram

Rugby Bike Fest 2016-109 hologram

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