Thaibo fitness, juice bar, oriental teas and zen atmosphere – we take a look inside a hidden oasis of wellness

We take a peek inside the studio gym and tea bar in Sheep Street Rugby. An enlightening experience of high-kicks, head massages and cast iron potted teas – 76 varieties there-of. The studio gym provides a timetable of fitness classes based around the Thaibo discipline, including parent and toddler classes. There’s a boxing ring too (donated by Mister Robinson’s Barbershop) where budding competitors can spar. It’s an impressive layout, and has proven very popular with evening classes leaving little room for extra participants. Don’t worry, they’ll fit you in.

There’s a mind-boggling 76 varieties of tea available in the gym, available in a chilled room where you can rejuvinate after a burn session.

As well as tea there’s also smoothies and protein shakes made fresh on site, with many flavours available, made with fresh fruit and coconut water.

Owner Brian Lowe is a master of Thaibo, and most of the classes are taken by him. He is available for private sessions, starting at £25 an hour. Regular Thaibo group sessions are £5, lasting an hour.

Even without your gym kit on you will be most welcome to use the facilities as a cafe.

Check out their facebook page for a timetable of classes;

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Owner Brian Lowe gives a self-defence demo.
Owner Brian Lowe gives a self-defence demo.

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