Behind the scenes as zombie movie Redcon – 1 films in Brownsover


All photographs by Jamie Gray


A wasteland of broken toys, rubbish, carrier bags and smashed pallets. Brownsover looked menacing in the afternoon sunlight as wind blew newspapers around the street. But this wasn’t any normal day in the suburb of Rugby, this was the setting for a scene of grim horror in a new movie.

The area around Borrowdale was hardly closed off, but two large military vehicles blocked the way regardless. As Hologram arrived, a Hummer was moving slowly through the rubbish-strewn street, with a crew member following with a smoke machine. The effect was stunning, and the cameras rolled as the armoured personnel carrier slowly searched for zombies.

Residents didn’t mind too much, with one leaving their front door, stepping over a bloody cadaver, and strolling off to work.

Filming went on for some time, with eager volunteer cast members awaiting for their moment to perform their much rehearsed zombie stagger. They were covered in fake blood, one looking like a butcher who was after human meat.

Director Chee Keong Cheung directed the cast of soldiers, as his crew worked tirelessly to build his vision. The vehicles used were donated by local tank enthusiast Andrew Baker, who is a co-organiser of the annual attraction Tanks, Trucks, and Firepower in Dunchurch.

Below are a selection of photographs from the set. More filming is planned, but as yet we don’t have any information about a release date.

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