Coming soon to Rugby Theatre, 7-8th Oct

Starring Brian Cox, Anna Chancellor, Emilia Fox, and Roger Moore.

When Dorottya, an ambitious young Hungarian actress, takes on the unenviable job as carer of the great stage actor Sir Michael Gifford, the two instantly clash. He’s a sorry-for-himself, grumpy old, pompous ass, and she is stubborn, standing up to him, as no one else dares. To the surprise of both, conflict is exactly what they need. Fuelled by quarrels and a mutual love of Shakespeare, their relationship sparks and each finds the other an inspiration. Unfortunately, this symbiosis arouses the jealousy of Sir Michael’s daughter, Sophia, and his faithful ex-lover, Milly. When Sir Michael is offered a Lifetime Achievement Award, Dorottya encourages the sick old man to collect it in person. Incensed, Milly and Sophia strike, sacking Dorottya and cutting her off from all contact. Without each other, Dorottya and Sir Michael spiral downwards – only to rally at the end, defying their critics and ultimately, together, triumphing onstage.

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