COAST by Adrian Bradbury

Lewis Gallery, Rugby School, Nov 30 – Dec 10

Adrian Bradbury is an image-maker, artist, photographer, lecturer and teacher. He started his artistic career at Goldsmiths and then attended West Surrey College of Art and Design, receiving a degree in Fine Art and then a post Graduate Diploma in photography. He headed to London  working as a freelance fashion and advertising photographer (20 years) for a large range of clients from IPC magazines, Emap, Bauer, Gruner+Jahr, House of Fraser, M+S, Boots, Canon, Asda and many more.


The digital revolution saw his work move on but now using imagery in a very different way – photo-collage and manipulation became his new vocabulary. As a digital artist he has produced work for The Home Office, NYSE, SOM Architects, ATL, IOE, Open Roads, TNS, New York Graphic Society, Silverstone, Rugby School and more.


At present, he is now working on personal projects, such as COAST.

COAST is a collection of new artworks, it is an on-going exploration concerned with the emotive qualities of light and colour, based on my way of seeing and responding to the coast and the atmospheric conditions prevalent. They are an abstract motif that allows me to explore colour line and texture but their beginnings come from first hand drawings and responses to the line of a cliff or the lines of surf heading into a bay, the pebbles on the beach or the curve of clouds at sunset across the bay. It is constantly changing, from wild storms to peaceful tranquillity. To me, it is a fascinating place and just watching, drawing or photographing it provides an endless stream of inspiration.




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