The winning images from the Rugby Rotary Young Photographer of the Year competition


Every year the Rotary Club in Rugby host a competition open to all young persons with an eye for a good shot. Entries are grouped by school and age, and each photographer chooses three images to submit. These are then whittled down by judges into one image from each entrant, which are then displayed in an exclusive exhibition at St Andrew’s Church. A further two images are selected for the overall winner category, and this year Ashlawn pupil Lauren Hill, 12, and Lawrence Sheriff pupil Morgan Thomas, 16, took top spot.

The theme this year was ‘reflection’. You can see the winning images at a display in St Andrew’s Church on 18th February.

Feather by Lauren Hill.
Aeroplane by Morgan Thomas


Inspiring Images

The judging panel of the Young Photographer of the Year consisted of professional photographers, including Rugby-based photographer and Hologram creator Jamie Gray. Jamie was incredibly impressed with the standard of entries. He says, “this is my first year judging the awards. The theme was simple, but the execution of the theme was inspiring. Some photographs were simple reflections, beautiful in their composition, but others were expressive abstracts of the theme, looking existentially at the themes meaning”.


Jamie will be present at the exhibition at St Andrew’s Church, on the 18th February.


Jamie Gray
Jamie Gray

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