Meet Barry the Beagle, an entrepreneur who’s ‘tail’ of starting a mail-order treat service is not to be sniffed at


Photographs and words by Jamie Gray

Has your dog ever felt left out when the postman arrives? Maybe the reason dogs are known enemies of the petrified postie is for the very reason that they never have anything in that bag for them. Well now that’s all about to change, and your dog will forever be the postmans friend and ally.

Barry’s Buddy Boxes are a cute way of sending a box of treats to your beloved canine friend, or someone else’s on a monthly subscription basis. Each month, the now more confident postman will deliver a box of treats, toys and accessories to your chosen home. You can sign up for yourself or send them onto friends and relatives in other parts of the country. It’s a ‘pawfect’ way to make your dog feel more wanted.

barry buddy box beagle
Barry inspects the products

We met Barry, the CEO of Barry’s Buddy Boxes in his Rugby office – the back garden – and he showed us what to expect inside. He also posed for a few photo’s for us, something he isn’t shy about as his instagram feed is full of selfies. He introduced us to his PA who has helped Barry the beagle setup his first ever company. We chatted with his PA as Barry demonstrated the range of toys and treats inside his box.

It was shortly after Barry’s PA brought him home from The Dogs Trust in Kenilworth that the idea for the company started, after catching Barry tearing up the post.

Shortly after that Barry’s PA lost her job and the time was right to take the leap and try and set something up for Barry and herself.

“After losing my job in January and toying with the idea for a while, I was always thinking about doing it but just needed that leap to do it. So when I got my redundancy money I thought I would invest it, so I bought stock such as toys and other items”

“Barry is obsessed with the post, every time the postman would deliver something he’d be at the door thinking it was for him. You’d be holding the letter and he’d be jumping up trying to get it. He destroyed a lot of letters. So I started thinking, what could I do that he’d be interested in, a project for him. So we setup something where he gets a box once a month, and its grown from there.”

The business offers subscribers a choice of style and content of box, full of treats, to be sent to an address so some adorable pooch somewhere can be spoiled rotten.

“In each box is treats, toys and accessories. For example there’s a dog friendly chocolate bar. You can order birthday boxes, get well soon boxes, new puppy boxes, and ‘gotcha’ boxes for rescue dogs. Gothca being the day your dog was brought home. If you don’t know the day they were born, you celebrate the day you got them instead, their ‘gotcha’ day. We got Barry from The Dogs Trust in Kenilworth”.

The website, designed by local webdesigner Mulberry Design, lists each box and the choices of subscription. A one-off box costs around £22.

As we left Barry with his nose firmly embedded in the packaging, we thought how wonderful the idea was. And also thought – across the country, postmen are befriending dogs. Now that’s a pawfect tale.

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