Crowning glory for 36-year-old Rugby teacher


Jayne Bradshaw had never visited the states before. And had nearly given up performing in beauty pageants years ago. But this August, with her mum Diane, she flew to Las Vegas to compete in the Regency International Pageant, and came away with the big title.

Jayne had earned her place following a win to become Mrs Diamond UK. She’s no stranger to the pageant life, her mum Diane Slater runs the show when it comes to local pageants, she organises the area around Rugby, Nuneaton and Leamington to find the young persons who will become Miss Rugby, Miss Nuneaton etc.

jayne bradshaw regency

It gradually all slowed down for Jayne though, and she became a teacher, and entered married life. However, in a need to prove herself, and boost some confidence that she felt she lacked, she went for the titles again.

The title of Mrs Regency seemed miles away for Jayne, but that wasn’t going to stop the self proclaimed ‘tomboy’ from trying. Tickets booked, dress packed, passports checked, off she went.

“Its a three day preparation buildup to the final in Vegas” Jayne said. “My mum came with me, and she shared the adventure. We experienced Vegas and had a bit of a holiday before. It was our first time in the states. We arrived on the Monday, and on the Friday we did a meet-and-greet which was fantastic, with a themed Great Gatsby 1920’s night. We both got dressed up in our 20’s frocks. The Costume Cabin lent me the head-piece which was fantastic, it had big feathers, they also gave me the velvet gloves. I have to thank them as everyone else went with a little strip headpeice, but I went with a huge feather showpiece and captured every ones eyes”.

“We met all the girls for the first time. We met all the age groups,and during this time you have to give gifts. I had to give them a gift of something traditional from back home. When I went to the sea-side before going to America I found these little plates with rock on them, which had fish chips and peas on it. They thought it was dried fish. I had to explain it was candy”.

“In the finals we had to do a standing up interview, and I’d never done a standing up interview before. They look at your posture and what you do with your hands as well. I’m very expressive with my hands, but I was given some tips as to what not to do with my hands, such as pointing and having your hands behind your back”.

“I tried to gauge the judges expressions to see how I was doing, but they all had poker faces. When I came off stage people asked me how did I do, I said I answered all the questions but I didn’t have a clue. I was asked a very difficult question, after they’d noticed my interview outfit and you get judged on what you wear for this part. I wore a suit, as if I was going for a job interview. I wore pinstripe trousers, white blouse and also red braces and a trilby hat. It was a nod to me being a tomboy, but also a strong female too. So they asked me what would I like to be reborn as, a man or a woman. Normally that would throw you off, but I responded quickly as said if I was reborn I wouldn’t choose, I’d accept whatever I was reborn as”.

So what’s next for Jayne, who now holds the title for a year? “I’ve got to go back to Vegas next year to hand over my crown to next years winner. I’ve also got a cruise to go on, which was part of the prize. I want to continue charity and project work. Its been a massive confidence boost”.

“People think I’m confident but I did loose my confidence along the way, and this has helped me find my confidence again”.

“I Can’t thank enough all who have supported me, and voted for me. I won the voting award and so many people supported me locally and around the globe”.

Jayne supports Coventry and Warwickshire Mind and is fundraising for them continually, raising over £2000.

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