Thread The Love is a new town centre-based knitting, sewing and crochet workspace and shop


Words, pictures and video by Jamie Gray


Maternity leave has created many a promising new venture. The time spent away from work seems to ignite the creative entrepreneurial synapses in people, and that’s what happened to Amber, co-owner of Thread The Love, which opens its doors on 24th March.

thread love knitting

Five years ago whilst on maternity leave with her first daughter, Amber had moved to Rugby from Birmingham and needed a hobby. She started to crochet things to sell, and quickly moved on to create and design crochet workshops. Alongside her business partner and mother-in-law Hilda, their business model has already captured a huge following on social media.

The Thread The Love shop in Churchside Arcade will offer classes in many different disciplines of needlework, including arm knitting – examples of which appear in the window of Amber’s shop.

Thread The Love looks set to be a very popular addition to the mix of craft and lifestyle shops in the town centre. Since visiting Amber and creating our media content, this has been our most popular instagram post in months. There’s a huge following for everything needlework, and I’m sure Amber’s needles will not stop with demand.

Alongside workshops the store will sell luxury yarns and tools for your trade. There’s also plans for a massive yarn-bombing in the town centre this summer, so nobody is in any doubt of the stores arrival.

Thread the love opens at 1pm on 24th March, all welcome

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