Extravaganza of Food in Rugby Town Centre

Pictures and video by Jamie Grayrugby town gloria lil's


The Rugby Food and Drink Festival is now a mainstay of the many town centre events which take place annually in Rugby. Masterminded by organiser Chris Stanley of Unlimited Communications, the one-day feast of tastebuds and aromas stirs the senses of towns folk every September. The church of St Andrew’s has become the base for the event, and inside you’ll find a stage on the alter, with people packing in the pews worshiping the chef who’s currently giving a cooking demonstration. One of which was former La Margherita chef Maria who now works in London for Yotam Ottolenghi.

Outside in the St Andrew’s garden are a peppering of stalls, each offering a unique dish or tasty treat. New this year were cloth-wrapped Christmas puddings, a reminder that preparation for Christmas starts now! Also on offer were frankfurters, although the buns did run out at one stage causing a slight panic amongst sausage aficionado’s. Opposite the German Frankfurters was a Chinese dumpling stall, which at one point had ques heading around the side of the building.

Regent Street was closed for the event, and stalls lined the avenue, reaching all the way to Bank Street. Local cafe The Tool Shed brought their van up to the top of Regent Street, and provided everyone with their trademark excellent coffee and cakes. Just behind them were stalls ranging from Rugby Labour Party who cooked food with a value of 16p, and local cider producers Napton Cidery.

The late September warm weather helped make the event a success again, and there’s talk of moving the event further along town, perhaps utilising Regent Place where the Rupert Brook Statue stands on a large triangle of mostly unused green space. Wherever the event goes, one things for sure, it will once more attract more food loving towns folk back into the town centre.



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